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About Private Placement Profits

Until recently, investing in an early-stage company was the purview of the Rich, Famous, and Well Connected. For the “average retail investor” like you and me, that door was shut. We had to wait for the IPO. And after the company went public and traded on a regulated exchange, the “average retail investor” could not participate in the company’s future efforts to raise more money and receive the potential benefits from it unless, well, you know the rest of the sentence! In this book I document my journey to open that door. I’ll share my research that shows how you can participate in these opportunities with only a minimal initial investment. I will explain how you can successfully participate in a Private Placement Subscription Offer where you can recoup your initial investment, and as a bonus, get the same “Free Shares” previously limited to the Rich, Famous and Well Connected.

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Arnold's Journey

At 25, Arnold had his Mutual Fund Sales Person certification and ran the Portfolio Transfer Agency IT Department for Worldwide Equities in Toronto, Ontario. His love of mining companies came from growing up in Northern Ontario. Today, Arnold is a 30 year veteran of the IT/IM industry, published McGraw-Hill author, Instructor, and conference speaker. As a Certified Professional Cloud Architect with the major cloud providers, he provides cloud consulting and training services.
One of his areas of specialization is data analytics and visualization which was leveraged in the development of this book. In his spare time, he uses his technology skills to research private placement investment opportunities, and play with more computers. He is a proud owner of two “temi” robots which he is currently integrating with the cloud in order to reboot Skynet.
He is owned by two rescue Dachshunds, Mickey and Mac (right to left), which he has not yet been able to integrate with the cloud without their knowledge in order to have better control over them (they’re clever!), an issue which he hopes the new Skynet will solve. Hope springs eternal in the heart for technology to solve everything!
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Arnold’s folkish wit and humor make this a great read. I am actively using the strategies in this book. I am fully “PONCD.” This is seriously brilliant (wish I thought of this!). I like ice cream. I hope you do, too.

– James L. Haner, PhD, founder of Ultimate Business Resources (UBR) Consulting, specializing in “Building Better Businesses.”


Private Placements Profit$ is not a normal technical investing guide. The strategies described in this book are proven and the way Arnold has explained those strategies with his own experience, is remarkable. The book is easily understandable by any beginner who wants to learn about investing and make something usefull out of it.

– Saqib Ashad, Layout Designer


Arnold, you’ve done an excellent job putting all this together into one easy-to-follow book. I have no doubt readers will benefit greatly from your story and helpful information. You come across as sincere, authentic, and honest. Those aren’t adjectives generally used to describe a person telling people about investing. Well done and thank you!

– Kaz Morran, Technical Editor


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