private placement cone with ice cream

Get your Ice Cream with the Cone

Thank you for your interest in my book – Private Placement Profits. What amazing investment opportunity will you uncover in this book? Please have a look at the animated graphic below for a short, illustrated example of the opportunity I write about. This is a book based on my personal experience over the past year of research, participation, and profit, by investing small amounts of money in Private Placements from publicly traded companies. I hope you like ice cream!

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To learn how you can get your ice cream with the cone, pick up a copy of Private Placement Profits. In this easy-to-read book, I share my research that shows how you can participate in these opportunities with only a minimal initial investment. I will explain how you can successfully participate in a Private Placement Subscription Offer where you can recoup your initial investment, and as a bonus, get the same “Free Shares” previously limited to the Rich, Famous and Well Connected!

private placement profits