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The Investment Clock and Market Sector Cycles

In a rising tide, all boats rise, even the leaky ones. When it’s closing time at the bar, all the potential partners are starting to look really good, including anyone that’s left standing and breathing. And this happens every Saturday night at about the same time, weekend after weekend after weekend. There is an odd, kind of perverse, pattern about it that an observer would see repeat itself over and over despite all the educational programs and call-a-friend programs that are in place to stop one from heading down that road. Even during Covid, people still got together at the bar Saturday nights as if to be oblivious of their environmental surroundings. But I digress, again.

And so, it seems to be the case with many market sectors. They all have their own particular market patterns, upward and downward cycles. History may not repeat itself exactly, but it sure does a lot of similar things over time. Someone once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes instead.” I think it has something to do with the pi equation, fractals, or Google and Facebook algorithms, but that level of thinking is above my pay grade. The point is that history does repeat itself but not in exactly the same way and at the same intervals, but pretty close. Just look at the historical data, and you will see what I mean.

I believe the Private-Placement Profits approach can be applied successfully to any market sector. I picked the Materials (mining) and Energy sectors this time because I believe industrial materials and energy in general, but metal commodities in particular, are beginning a multi-year upward trend. Remember, I’m no expert! I’m just watching what a lot of much smarter people than me are saying and investing in.

I share what I have observed and learned from these smart people in my book, Private Placement Profits. Learn how you too can invest like the Rich, Famous and Well Connected.

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