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Why Top Investors Invest in Private Placements

In the research and writing of this book, I developed a real appreciation for the experience and advice of people like Rick Rule, Mariusz Skonieczny, Erik Wetterling, Doug Casey, and technical chartist, Patrick Karim. All of them understand the potential of Private Placements as a way to invest in companies in addition or alternative to purchasing the shares on the public open exchanges.

In his June 2021, Palisades Gold Radio interview, Doug Casey really brings my message home about how Private Placements have been the preserve of the Rich, Famous and Well Connected and not available to the so-called “average investor”. But he also states his belief in Private Placements as an investment vehicle.

Notice this exchange from the interview:

Palisades Radio: So, Doug, when we think about once you’ve made that decision to invest in, let’s say, a particular gold company, how do you think about de-risking from maybe more of a technical perspective the stock that you’re interested in?

Doug Casey: Well, what I do, and this is not necessarily available to everybody in the general public, is I prefer to speculate only with Private Placements. In other words, if you think a company’s got good prospects because it passes the Nine Ps [Doug Casey’s investment methodology], okay, you can call your broker and buy it in the market. That’s fine, but a smarter way to do it is to get to know the management of the company, which you should do anyway, and it’s possible with these small companies. It’s not possible with General Motors or Apple. You’ll never get to know the management of those companies, but I only like to invest with Private Placements.

Doug Casey’s quote is so important to decipher and understand. First, it really does confirm what I have been stating—that investing in Private Placements has been the preserve, in a perverse way, of the Rich, Famous, and Well Connected. You can invest in a company you like in the open market, or you can get to know management and then participate in their next Private Placement, wherein you get the ice cream cone and the ice cream! Which would you prefer? When you understand the components of a Private Placement, you can see why Doug Casey believes that it is the only way he invests.

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